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BLUE: The Most Popular Color

October 28, 2022

It’s all around us, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Watery Blue, French Blue, Azure Blue, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Sea Foam, Cobalt, Robin’s Egg, Ink, Teal, and always places first in “What’s your favorite color?”  Using blue in interiors can elicit many emotions and always makes a statement.  Blue does have a place in the Modern movement.  When my client wants a blue wall I go to the grays in my paint deck.  There is a universe of greyed blues there.  What looks great in upholstery can look sweet on a painted wall.

Inspiration for a transitional living room remodel in Miami

The Watery Blues are having a long moment.  They are happy, light-giving and work well with others.  They the kindest compliment to our skin.  We wear them well and feel great when we are surrounded with them in our homes.  Used in upholstery and accessories they can be soft or punchy depending on their value, consequently they are lots of fun to work with.  Great to accentuate any neutral, wood tone or metal keeps them in the spotlight.  They also work well in various patterns with other colors.

Navy Blue
Blue Stripes

The True Blues are just as varied.  Sometimes Navy blue and white is the perfect solution, straightforward, honest sparkling like a sapphire, always fresh and clean.  Navy Blue always gives us comfort.  Others, more contemplative, subdued, greyed can take Blue into the sophisticated sphere.


Recently I found this fascinating large-scale woven pattern in the Jane Churchill collection.  It is, at once playful and complicated.  I was enchanted, but better, it brought these iconic vintage Jack Lenor Larsen fabrics into the 21st Century.