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August 23, 2022
Hand Blown

I want to share a part of my business that keeps me inspired and makes me appreciate those who supply my clients with unique and beautiful pieces to grace their homes.  Custom design is my passion.  I can design with-in a tight budget or the sky can be the limit.  I want to share these chandeliers with you as those that are unique in every sense and makes us realize that there is true artistry and craftsmanship is alive and well in the world.

Chandeliers have evolved.  Today they come in so many styles, materials and  finishes.  They range in price and quality.  The chandeliers that I am sharing bring fantasy to reality and are made in America.  They are about incredible style and quality produced by skilled craftsmen who lead and inspire.  

Antler Chandelier

Also pictured is the amazing Floating Bubbles Chandelier.  This one is eleven feet in height, but can be customized to any height.  The mirror polished canopy is 40 inches in diameter.  LEDs are recessed into the canopy and illuminate the bubbles, as well as 8 LED larger bubbles randomly placed throughout the body of the chandelier.  There are approximately 600 hand blown bubbles that are a combination of smoky topaz, clear, grey and silver leaf.  They will also customize the colors of the bubbles and finishes.

Antler Chandelier

If you ever have the opportunity to watch a glass blower in person, take it. When the molten glass comes out of the fire, the artisan molds it into art.  Color and style are limited by our imagination.  Pictured is the Antler Chandelier.  It is hand sculpted molten glass formed into 23 antlers in 4 tiers with either gold, moon gold or silver leaf tips.  Because it is crafted by hand, each chandelier is unique.


Also, chandeliers can define an intimate space.  The chandelier in the vignette functions as a piece of sculpture.  The LED lights sit in the canopy using the free-form glass shapes to reflect the light.  


Certainly there are affordable chandeliers that change our perception of lighting.  There are a number of manufacturers who are creating reimagined chandeliers of all descriptions.  One of the most interesting is pictured in a living room setting.