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Design Changes Lives

August 23, 2022
Entryway - eclectic entryway idea in Miami

I am calling my blog “Design Changes Lives” because that is my experience as an Interior Designer in every project I work on.  I have included 2 photos, one “before” and the other “after” and I will explain each element that went into changing the space.  There are a number of Principles and Elements of Design that can be in play when designing a space.  I use a combination of these in every project depending on the requirements of the project.  I will explain why each of these Principles and Elements of Design changed the lives of the owners.

I chose this entry as an example because its challenges cannot be overcome by physically raising the ceiling, which is the glaring challenge.  The condo has wonderful attributes, but, as we all know, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  Therefore I needed to use various Principles and Elements of Design.

The goal was to make the visitor feel that the ceiling was not 6’-10” high, but at least 8’- 0” high.  My first decision was lighting.  I employed 4” LED cans with adjustable trims to allow the light to be directed to objects on the wall, therefore removing downlighting that visually brings the ceiling down.  It also increases the light by bouncing it off the wall.


Certainly the mirrors and wallpaper had to go. The walls and ceiling are smooth, what is called a level 5 in the trade.  A pale neutral paint was the decision, as it also expands the space.  The ceiling is a lighter value of the wall color to visually raise the ceiling.  The walls have a slight sheen, catching the light while the ceiling is flat.  The base is 5” high, instead of 2 1/2” expands the space, the wood floor warms the space and removes space shrinking grout lines, as well as underscoring the palette.  The placement of a larger rug expands the space by allowing the visitor to feel they can stand anywhere.

Artwork is a strong element in expanding the space.  Hanging a painting that is out-of-scale takes the visitor’s eye away from the low ceiling and visually raising the ceiling.  The vertical landscape also visually raises the ceiling.  Directing the adjustable LED light to the various pieces of art certainly highlights the paintings, while reflecting the light off the paintings increasing the light.

The furniture, a demi lune table and a small chair welcome the visitor.  The mirror has a frame that has a curved line bringing the inlays on the table up to date.  The chair invites the visitor to place a wrap or purse on it.  The mirror allows the visitor to also check that their hair is in place.