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Eternal Gold

October 21, 2022
Light, Bright, Inviting penthouse living room.

We all know the power of gold.  It is used mainly as accents in interiors and it always makes a powerful statement.   Gold leaf on walls becomes very formal; lovely to see in a museum setting, but overwhelming for our informal lifestyle.  In the project above, we did use a metallic gold sheer on the windows after many other fabrics were rejected.  The sun shining through gave the space a warm glow.  Also, there is gold embroidery on the pillows and gold trim on the table base.  It gives the grey and white upholstery a visual lift and sparkle.


When gold is used in interiors where it is combined with soft tones of cream, ecru.white, sandstone it is calming and inviting.  When combined with noble reds, emerald green, sapphire blue it helps those spaces become more dramatic.  When it is used with black, the space becomes ultimately dramatic.


Gold works well on picture frames and metal table bases. It is always effective as a small detail painted on a carved chair or chest.  It has gained popularity recently as small detail on more modern furniture, sometimes combined with silver.