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Guidelines for Displaying Collections

November 18, 2022

The rule used in choosing today’s accessories is the phrase “large statement”.   It goes along with the philosophy of clean lines and simplification.  Thinking outside the box, I am showing photos of small objects making a big statement.  Most of us have collections from travels or experiences.  


The question is, can we display our treasures and make a large statement?  My conclusion is that we can if we are judicious in our selection.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting those objects. 


However there are some guidelines.  First: select those objects that have a story to tell.  Second: Design is ordered on a set of Elements and Principles. The list is fairly long, but a few stand out for this process, such as color, scale, form & shape, texture, ornament & pattern & rhythm.


The photograph of the lenses is intriguing.  They are small objects, similar in form & shape, texture, ornament & pattern because they all fit on the camera.  However the way they are arranged on the wall has a rhythm that is stunning and in total creates a large statement.  Do you have similar objects?


The photo of the hallway displays three collections presented creatively and in harmony with each other.  The wall with the large and small pots orders the space utilizing scale, form and shape, as well as color.  The collection of walking sticks in, of course, a pot has interest because of the form & shape of the sticks.  Color is harmonious with the pots and the change of scale is welcome.  The objects on the wall define the end point as well as change the scale, and change again the form & texture in the space.  The placement somehow changes the harmony & unity of the space and creates a large statement from small objects.  Start curating your collections or call for my help.