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The joy of using Neutrals

October 7, 2022

The calmness and peacefulness of the family of neutrals in our interiors is always a force.  Every fabric and wallpaper designer knows that neutrals will sell better than any other color way in every new collection.  They can be easygoing, friendly, carefree, accessible and sophisticated depending on the setting.  Paint companies strive to have many neutral options to fit every need, be it warm, cool, light or mid-tone.  They can be the background or the elegant solution.  They are adaptable and will blend with each other.  There will not be a misstep using neutrals.

Day Bed

The artistry in using neutrals in a room comes in playing with texture in the walls, upholstery, pillows and window treatments.  There are so many weaves, stripes, plaids, patterns and accessorizing trims that will change the feeling of the space.   Your choice of a boucle or a stripe can take a room from casual to formal.  With a backdrop of neutrals, contrasting colors can be brought into the space and create a dramatic color statement.  I had a client who changes the decorative pillows on her bed with the seasons for a re-fresh.


Bringing nature in creates visual interest and informality.  The photo is of dried herbs, corn and wooden spoons against a stone wall, but it could be a collection of sea glass, smooth pebbles or driftwood displayed with creativity.  It will tell your story.