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The Power of Black & White

November 4, 2022

High Contrast, Drama, Purity of Line, Ebony & Ivory, Black & White are always current in interiors.  Just remember those black and white movies, photography.  They still resonate today.  Walk through any retail furniture store and you will see many examples of black & white art, upholstery, accessories.


Black & White is Sophisticated and Modern.  The combination can be comforting.  It depends on the balance of black & white.  Black walls and a black floor could be the backdrop for white upholstery, or the opposite will also work.  Mostly there is a play of both in the space.  Sometimes a metallic will add interest.


A black & white kitchen is always a showplace.  In the one pictured, high gloss is used to great advantage making the space look efficient and inviting.