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The Star Power of Silver

October 14, 2022
Silver Chair

The use of silver in interiors is constantly evolving.  Its reflective quality is magical.  We are drawn to the cool light that is reflected from silver metal, as well as the cool sparkle of crystals, sequins, diamonds.  Just think of all the iterations of silver metals: Mercury, Steel, Sterling, Nickel, Mica, Platinum, Pewter, Frost.  They all are distinctive, some warmer than others, some more reflective.


Generally silver is used as an accessory, such as table ware, lighting, art, mirrors.  It can be traditional or starkly modern.  It is also used in fabric as a silver thread or a sequin to add interest to a matte fabric.  Leather can be finished with a reflective sheen and cast a silver sparkle.  Silver finishes on wood tend to look warmer than silver metal.  The amount of decoration will also determine how traditional or modern the furniture or picture frame will be.

Dining Table

Wall coverings or ceilings can be a large silver statement.  Of course there are metallic paints.  They can make a statement as base and trim changing the look of a space.  A silver painted tin ceiling is quite a reflective statement.  When the wall is dressed in a shimmering silver leaf paper the look is clean and current.